Constitutional Questions
Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

Here are some of the questions that were asked of fifth graders in the 1880's (Answers shown at bottom of page):

1. In what country do you live?

2. Why is it called the United States?

3. What do you mean by a State?

4. Had then the different States which united together, each a government of its own?

5. Why did they do this?

6. Is some government necessary in every country?

7. Cannot all the people of a country govern themselves?

8. How is this done?
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1. United States of America

2. Because it was made up of a number of states which were once separate, but afterwards agreed to unite together.

3. Any district of a country whose people are all under one government.

4. Yes, but they agreed to put themselves all under one general government.

5. Because it would promote their general welfare.

6. Certainly; without it nobody would be safe: not only our property, but our lives would be in danger.

7. If every man was perfectly virtuous, and knew what would be best for himself and others, they might. But this is far from being the case; and therefore the people of every country are and must be governed.

8. Laws are made which all must obey; whoever disobeys them is punished.