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Samuel Adams is promoting & participating in educating youth on freedom principles. Contact us for specifics in how to participate.

Roots of Freedom ~ Simulated Experiences

Live Events

Engage in an interactive evening with
"The Father of the Revolution", "The Last Puritan"
Samuel Adams - as he makes Founding history relevant to the present.

You will spend 60 to 90 minutes hearing Mr. Adams discuss Banking, Education, Religion, Liberty, Property Rights and more from his life experiences. He brings the Founders intent for self-governance alive.

You will be amazed at how you directly engage Mr. Adams for 30 minutes or so, in a question and answer time, from which you clearly then understand that the events of the present are much like what they were in his time. As he interacts with you, you will be challenged to become engaged and active with the spirit of the Founding Fathers

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Utah State Capital ~ Roots of Freedom ~ May 24, 2011
Past Participant Comments
Thank you again for speaking to our class at ESL. I think you are performing a very important service for God and Country. Children, especially, need to hear the truth about our history they have never heard before. The adults who also heard you were very impressed also!
Janet A. ~ ESL Teacher

Following are comments from three of my adult students who attended:

Thank yhou for coming Mr. Adams! You explained the history of the United States of America. I really enjoyed it & hope to see you again in our classroom. Thank you for your time!
Emilio F.

Thank you for coming and for visiting. You were very good at explaining about the wonderful history of the United States of America!
Ana C.

Thank you for coming to our class. You explained the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War! I enjoyed it very much!
Eugenia M.