Samuel Adams Returns to the Nuart Theater DVD
Samuel Adams Returns is an educational DVD that brings the actual words of Samuel Adams to the present.

Through a thorough study of the life and documents of Samuel Adams, Tom Niewulis, Jr. developed his alter-ego.
He has rewritten the speeches of Samuel Adams, and presented them to modern audiences while acting out his life and words. Join us and watch a real-life portrayal of Samuel Adams. Hear from The Forgotten Patriot in his own words. See trailer below. PRICE: $18.00

Early Life
The Situation in the Colonies
Adams’ Education
Going from Business to Politics
Spreading the Ideas of Freedom
The Tea Party
Liberty and Property
Victory and the Constitution

Watch the DVD Trailer below:
Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Trivia on the Life of Samuel Adams
Introduction to the Life of Samuel Adams: “Samuel Adams and You” by Larry Cernik of Project Appleseed
Notice: Samuel Adams Returns is sponsored by the National Center for the Development of Constitutional Strategies which is owned by NCDCS, Inc. All payments will be made to NCDCS, Inc. via PayPal. Thank you for purchasing this resource.
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This DVD is fabulous, a lot of great material in there that you are teaching about Liberty! It is true that our schools no longer teach itů I am praying you can get these into the hands of MANY households!! Thank you!! Lori G.

Keep up the great work, Tom. The Samuel Adams DVD's were great. I can imagine children learning basics well from them. I hope and pray and will pay for lectures for me as an adult. Robert M.